BIG GAME in Patagonia: Red Stag Hunting

Why you should book your Argentina Red Stag Hunt with us:

-Only 16 trophies are taken each season on the property and almost all of them are SCI Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals.
-Ranches that boast bigger trophies keep their Stags fenced in and fed with supplements.  Our Argentina free range stag hunts are the antithesis of this.
-Most hunting ranches inPatagonia are 15%-30% the size of our ranch.
-Roughly 6000 deer live on the ranch.
-18 years of 100% success rate with high SCI scoring Red Stags
-Very bow friendly- tall grasses and willow trees along rivers offer close encounters
-Sporting, spot and stalk hunts
-Everyday you will see many animals and many trophies
-The food and accommodations are top notch
-One management stag is included with your trophy tag.
-After you harvest your stags, you can trout fish on 3 fabulous rivers, or hunt wild boar and pumas

Everyday, each hunter and their Argentina Red Stag hunting guide will depart before sunrise in a 4×4 truck.  On most days we’ll return to the lodge for lunch and a short siesta before returning to glass the hills again.  The ranch holds such a large number of quality deer scattered across a huge area that you and your guide will cover a fair amount of ground, passing up many stags, to find the right Argentina Red Stag trophy for you.  Although you’ll mostly travel in trucks, be prepared to hike up and down the rolling hills if need be.  Our Argentina Red Stag hunting guides have spotting scopes and high powered binoculars.

We welcome rifle and bow hunters.  Rifle shots are usually 200-400 yards across the windy and treeless steppe.  Bow hunts are along the rivers and creeks.  Much of these riparian environments are thick with 6ft grass mounds and old willow trees.  Bow hunters will often be 15-30 yards from red stag.   Keeping your cool, not getting busted and independently choosing your trophy will make this the epiphany of your bow hunting career.

 Most hunters get their trophy by the second or third day and they may take a management deer whenever they wish at no additional cost.  After their deer quota is full, hunters may also hunt puma, wild boar.  Plus the ranch has private property along two exceptional trout fishing rivers.

Our ranch will prepare your trophy as a European mount for export.   The skin will also be prepared for shipping if you would like a full head mount.  Proper paper work will be filed in San Martin de losAndes.   All you’ll need is a copy of your passport and the address of your certified taxidermist.

We have 7mm Remington magnum rifles for rent at $50 per day, however, hunters wishing to rent a rifle will need to bring their own ammunition (180g).  A full gear list will be given along with your comprehensive final booking documents.