Dove Hunting: Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina Dove HuntingArgentina dove hunting is offered throughout the year in Esquina.  There are literally millions of Argentina doves in our area.  Hunters can expect to shoot 1000-1500 shells in a single day.  That’s over 4 cases of shells!  Some call it hunting but we see it as pure dove shooting excitement -and doing the farmers a favor.  Farmers welcome Wing Shooting Argentina’s dove hunting guests to hunt these pests in their fields in a futile attempt to put a dent in the dove and pigeon population.

Our Argentina dove hunts are over diverse croplands and we give the option to hunt a number of different fields everyday.  At times we’ll have clouds of dove but mostly we have smaller flocks flying all day.

With Wing Shooting Argentina, dove hunters can have hot barrel dove shooting and have world class duck hunting all out of a single lodge. 

Argentina high volume dove shootingArgentina dove hunting is usually a full day affair.  Shooters enjoy a resting chair, refreshments and have their birds collected.   A favorite lunch is a delicious Argentine asado or barbecue out in the field.  Our drive times to the fields  average 30 minutes.

Argentina Pigeon Hunting
No Argentina high volume hunt would be complete without decoyed pigeon hunting.  We place pigeon decoys among sorghum or other crops and call in the birds.  It’s just like duck hunting but without the water.  This is an exciting afternoon activity after a morning dove hunt and a must for any duck hunter.



Gun Rental and Shells
If you don’t want to travel with your guns, we offer new Beretta 391 semi-auto 20 ga shot guns.   Beretta 391 Semi-autos are a very comfortable and practical gun for dove hunting in Argentina.  Gun rentals for either 12 or 20 gauge are 50 U$D per day, per gun.  Shell brands are Fiocchi  in 12 and 20 gauge and are 13 U$D per box.   A portion of your estimated shell bill may be paid in advance and any differences may be settled at the lodge or after your trip.