Why Choose Us

Argentina hunting guides and outfitters

We strongly believe we are among Argentina’s best hunting guides and outfitters but understand if you don’t know us yet, you’ll need convincing.  Aside from our testimonials, here are multiple reasons to trust your trip to Wing Shooting Argentina.

Our Mission:  For every guest returning from Argentina saying “That was the best hunting/fishing trip I’ve ever done!”

American-Argentine Company, since 1999:   Since the beginning, our guests have been able to book their trip and speak directly with the American owner in the US and have the Argentine owner host them on their trip.  We offer our guests personalized and professional attention from start to finish because we understand and cater to the sensitivities and expectations of our international clientele.


Argentina hunting outfitters and guides

Location, location, location:   The pristine environment around Esquina holds everything the international sportsman would want in one location.  It’s also easy to get to from Buenos Aires.

One Stop Shopping:   Wading through Argentina hunting websites can be confusing. We take the guesswork out of a memorable hunting and fishing experience in Argentina.  We’ve been outfitting in Argentina for over a decade and offer a wide variety of top-notch sporting opportunities in one location.


WSA Argentina hunting guidesExceptional Guides: Guides have always dictated the success of an outfitter and we are proud to say our guides have always received high marks from our international clientele. They take their work seriously, emphasizing successful hunts and good customer service all while adding a warm sense of humor. Most of their many years of guiding has been with our company and their loyalty has paid off with guests returning to hunt once again in their blinds or behind their dogs.



Argentinas Hunting Guides

If You Are an Angler:   The other division of our company is called Fly Fishing Patagonia, www.flyfishingpatagonia.com.  We outfit a variety of fishing trips all over Argentina, including Tierra del Fuego.  After your first hunting trip with us, you’ll know you can trust us with your Argentina fishing adventures as well. You will save time in researching and know exactly what to expect from us.

Integrity:   The information we provide will be realistic.  We do not exaggerate bird numbers or any part of our operation.  There will be no unwanted surprises.

Comprehensive pre-trip information:   Upon booking you’ll have all the information you need including gear lists, travel info, information on moneys, weather, tipping, food etc.  Your family will also have telephone numbers to contact you in an emergency.

24/7 Assistance:   Someone will be available to take your call at any time.

Ultimate Customization:  With our menu of hunts and non-hunting activities, we can customize almost any trip for almost any group.