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Argentina hunting group rates

We’ve helped hundreds of group leaders book hunting adventures in Argentina with their friends and offered them group hunting rates. We’ve also held the trip leader position ourselves to many foreign lands so we know that without the proper guidance, being the trip leader can be a stressful and time consuming.  Everyone is counting on you to research the best location, outfitter, time of year, gear, ect. and for all of it to be just like they expect.  Well, that’s where Wing Shooting Argentina comes in.  WSA will make your job easy, efficient and provide you with:


Argentina Hunting Group leader

One Stop Shopping:  Wading through the countless Argentina hunting websites can be confusing.  We’ve been outfitting in Argentina for 15 years and offer a wide variety of sporting opportunities in ONE location.  When you call us we will quickly create a customized itinerary that reflects your group’s desired experience.

Argentina Hunting group leaders

US Office:  Speak directly with the outfitter (not an agent) in the US anytime, toll free. 434-249-1873

If we are in Argentina, email us or be sure to leave a message with your phone number and where you live.

Integrity:  The information we provide will be realistic, accurate and honest.   We do not exaggerate bird numbers or any part of our operation.  There will be no unwanted surprises.

Comprehensive pre-trip information:  Upon booking you’ll have all the information you need including  telephone numbers, gear lists, travel info, and information on moneys, tipping, food etc.

Argentina duck and Dove tripsResponding to questions:  If your group floods your inbox with questions, forward them to us and we’ll respond to the whole group.  If they know they can easily speak with the outfitter, they’ll be less likely to ask you their particular questions.

When to Plan your Trip
A year in advance.  That’s how much time you’ll need to get the trip dates you want.  By booking any later you also run the risk of not finding available or good rates on flights.  If you have ever tried to organize a group of people then you know how critical it is to start the planning process as early as possible and invite more people than you have space for.  Odds are someone will drop out.