Perdiz Hunting: Argentina Perdiz Hunting

Argentina Perdiz huntingArgentina perdiz hunting is arguably the most exciting upland game and the Corrientes province has the highest population of perdiz in Argentina.

We hunt highly productive fields for theses beautiful birds on numerous ranches.  While hunting with Wing Shooting Argentina, you should see about 15-20 perdiz in a single afternoon and most hunters reach the daily bag limit of 10.   Our top trained Pointers and Brittany’s never cease to amaze our perdiz hunters.  They  respond quickly to the guide and never wonder to far off.  Our perdiz dogs will greatly enhance your hunting experience.

Perdiz hunts usually follow a morning duck hunt and a fine lunch.  Two hunters per dog and handler will access 1000’s of acres of private pastures.  The walking is easy and hunters should use lightweight hunting shoes.  Although there are no laws regarding blaze orange, we recommend wearing it.


Best Argentina Perdiz huntingThe Spotted Tinamou, or Common Perdiz, is a distant cousin of the ostrich and is a fast runner.  It stands like a gray partridge, looks like a female pheasant and has a bit more mass than a bob-white quail.   When threaten, these birds will keep their head low and lie still or they may quickly and discretely flee on foot.

The presence of a well trained Argentina hunting dog will make the perdiz take to the air.  The flush is explosive and heart stopping with a low, fast flight.  Since perdiz don’t covey, a flush will produce one bird and two birds at most. We recommend a 20 a gauge for hunting the Argentine perdiz, but please advise us in advance should you be bringing any gauge besides a 12 and 20.



Argentina Perdiz huntMarinetas! 

Martinetas  (Rhynchotus rufescens) aka, Perdiz Coloradas have returned to Esquina, Corrientes!  Two thousand and twelve was the first year our hunters were able to take or at least flush one per day. We had even better success in 2013 with several hunters taking 2 per day.

These are beautiful wild birds, more than twice the size of the Common Perdiz.   They have rust colored wings, a long peak and tall legs.  We find them in basically the same areas as the Common Perdiz and they flush just as well.  Although they are not endangered in north and central areas of Argentina, they have been a rare sighting in Corrientes in previous years.perdiz shooting argentina

We are protecting our Martineta fields for future hunters to ensure all get to experience such a trophy.



Duck and dove hunters will find perdiz hunting to be an exciting addition to their Argentina mixed bag hunting experience.Perdiz mixed bag hunting Argentina