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Duck hunting Argentina WathenWe had an amazing time and everyone was extremely great in every way imaginable. My father and I were extremely impressed with the hunting and the whole way everything was run and put together. I can say without a shadow a doubt that my father and I will definitely be thinking about returning at some point in the future.  Every part of our trip exceeded expectations by more than we would have ever assumed. thank you very much to you and your staff.
D. Wathen


Justi and his staff provided me with a wonderful hunt and first class service. The guides and staff were so accommodating to all the needs of everyone in my group. The number of ducks we killed was 372 and the perdiz numbered 90. I don’t know what more I could have asked for. I have hunted for whitetail deer in Saskatchewan, Anticosti Island, Michigan, and Texas. I hunted waterfowl and upland birds in Mexico, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, New York and Canada. Wing Shooting Argentina was perhaps the best of all. Justi pays attention to all the details of your trip and his customer service is second to none.
J. Siebert


High Volume Dove ArgentinaI told Oscar I would be sure and write you about our dove hunt.  It was terrific!! Oscar, Ernesto, the La Pelada lodge staff were all exceptional.  The whole hunting experience was so much fun. If there is anything I can do to help your dove hunting or dorado fishing in the way of a testimonial, or, reference for other hunters, do not hesitate to ask.  This is coming from a guy who hunted  doves in Cordoba two years ago.  I had more fun and a better hunt with you. The flexibility may have been the very best part.  We shot doves two days and the third day we were able to fish for Golden Dorado.  They hit like linebackers and fight like Muhammad Ali!  The food and service at the lodge and in the field were first rate.

Ralph and I both feel the same way. 
The week before you booked us at Jurassic Lake where we caught many huge Rainbows. My biggest was 22 pounds!
Steven R.,  2015


Perdiz hunting 2014Wanted to let you know Drew and I had a wonderful time at La Pelada week before last.  Oscar was a wonderful host and guide as were Ernesto, Agusto and Guscon (sp?).  All the staff and guides were wonderful, food was great, accommodations warm and friendly.  We had a great time, couldn’t have asked for more.  Thanks for all you help. 
J. Davidson, 2014


Reference to potential guest:

I only hunted three days in the beginning of August and it was unusually warm.  Everyone was commenting on the weather.

Day one –  two of us duck hunted and shot 42 ducks in a two and a half hour hunt.  A mixed bag of big ducks and Cinnamon Teal.  We had lunch back at the estancia and did a short horseback ride along the river then drove about 25 minutes to a field for perdiz.  Very challenging shooting as the wind was up but I shot a limit of 9 on about 15 flushes.  I don’t ever shoot that well so returned feeling good about myself.  Dog was very good but warmth and wind made it hard to get on the birds.  I still think 15 flushes was pretty good.

Day two – I duck hunted alone as friend was “overserved”.  That happens to him frequently so it is not an indictment of the establishment!  Shot 26 ducks on so-so shooting.  That afternoon the two of us drove about 40 minutes to a sorghum field to hunt pigeon.  With some definitely poor shooting, we shot about 100 dove and 70 pigeon in four hours.

Day three –  the cold front blew through and the wind switched completely from the north to the south.  Temp dropped 10 degrees celsius from the previous day.   I hunted ducks again that morning by myself and only shot six ducks, two of which were eaten by an eight foot caimon.  Almost no birds flying.  returned to the estancia and we took a long horseback ride across the entire property.  Duck hunted again that evening and the two of us shot 46 ducks, most of them teal.  Maybe my favorite duck hunt of all time as I love the way teal dive in.  We ended up about 25 minutes before sundown and could have shot another dozen if allowed.

The estancia is beautiful, accommodations very comfortable, meals are fabulous and plentiful.  You eat family style and the conversation is great.  All meals include local birds and meat cooked on the open fire.  Lots of red wine, cocktails.  Oscar is a fabulous host and works hard to make sure your needs are met.

Duck hunting can literally be a five minute walk from the estancia and never more than a 10-12 minute drive.  Allows you to wake up late, eat breakfast and go hunting.  Drives to upland game are not difficult.  We used their guns, 20 gauge for upland and 12 gauge for ducks.  No problems with either.

All we needed were hip boots but they provide waders on site.  I highly recommend as I will hopefully return many times in the future.  Feel free to ask me any other question.

C. Proctor, 2014


I have hunted Paraguay twice and Argentina 4 times in Cordoba and La Paz and I would rate my experience with Wing Shooting Argentina right at the top. We had a fantastic experience; it was nothing short of phenomenal.  The hunting was a good as it gets, we enjoyed liberal limits for the ducks, perdiz and of course the dove and pigeon.  It was just fantastic.

Wing Shooting Argentina La PeladaThe Estancia La Pelada was second to none, the service and food was fantastic.  I don’t think it can get much better than this, although I have not been to that many estancias. From the moment we arrived we felt as if we were at home, which is a little bit unusually compared to some other lodges I have been to.  At La Pelada, if I needed something out of the refrigerator, I felt like it was ok for me to walk in the kitchen in the middle of the night and get it.

The lodge staff went above and beyond and your guides were all fantastic too. In fact we befriended the guides. So we felt like this was a family atmosphere and that is what I am coming for, it’s not just the hunting, it is the entire experience.  We felt like you incorporated us into your culture and operation.

The travel involved is worth it, although we did arrive tired. Maybe we could have stayed in Buenos Aries first.  I have did that on my last two trips, and it really does not make that much of a difference.

Before coming, we looked at not only your operation, but also places I had been before and other places we heard about. But once we spoke with you on the phone, we were very comfortable in booking with WSA.  And I can tell you we looked at a lot of other places and our experience here exceeded our expectations.
Dr. G. Mula, 2013


The booking process was very easy and accommodating with considerations for unique circumstances and specific requests.  Very fair price and it was all excellent.

Wing Shooting Argentina 91We were mainly interested in ducks and perdiz and which you guys totally accommodated and adjusted the schedule to whatever made most sense. The last day we hunted ducks all day, which was not something we expected but worked out extremely well. And it was a lot of fun. We’d rotate between ponds so we knew you were trying to get the best shoots possible.  You never feel like you are trying to over use an area.  The guides were outstanding, just a lot of fun to be around.

La Pelada lodge is kind of like a home, I mean, it’s not a resort.  It is elegant but yet rustic and it’s the way you’d expect it to be.  It’s not posh, but that’s nice and it is just a very comfortable situation to be in.  And the host Augusto is extremely gracious.  It’s like being in your best friend’s house.

I will say that the difference between this trip and our last trip here in 06 was that we came home to family as opposed to the first time it was a unique experience that we loved and the second time it was just as good from an experience stand point but even more comfortable because you were dealing with the same people who remembered you and that made for a very positive experience.

Our last trip we flew in and out of Santa Fe and this time we used the Goya Airport which as much faster. So getting to the lodge was easier. Plus since the ponds and fields are so close to the lodge, we never had a long car ride the whole trip. It was a very nice pace because you’d come back to the lodge mid day and take a nap if you wanted before the evening shoot.  You really couldn’t ask for anything better.

It was a little disconcerting returning because I did not think it could live up to our previous experience and our expectations.  It was different this time, and better in a lot of ways just because it was like coming home to family.

It was great. Just perfect.
G. Johnson, 2013


Rick and new friend 2Wing Shooting Argentina is a lot of fun.  These guys are very hospitable and we had an excellent time.
The staff was ultra-polite, very gentlemen like, almost like stepping back in time to a different world. Kind of the way I wish the US was and probably was at one time.

One thing that was unusual to me is the variety of birds. It does not seem like every particular pond has the exact same ducks.  It was interesting in that in one area you were shooting a lot of different teal then only 4 miles away you were killing a lot of tree ducks or Rosy-bills.  Very exciting.

We had a lot of fun. Our dove hunting was off the charts, in standing milo and the doves were just pouring in.  I wanted to stop at one point…thinking how many more can I possible shoot? It was great and WSA was great, the organization was phenomenal.
R. Adams, 2013


Wing Shooting Argentina 19

We went duck hunting every morning and hunted perdiz in the afternoon. We concentrated a little more on the ducks than we wanted because of the weather but it worked out great because it was so much fun. The guides did a fantastic job calling the ducks in. We had great dog work. We had great guide work. Fantastic food and great company.  It is a wonderful place.  I would do it again tomorrow if I could. 
K Marcott, 2013


Just want to say what a pleasure it is to work with you.  It is very apparent to me that you are most interested in arranging a trip that is something we will long remember, and enjoy!  I really appreciate that.  Thanks very much!

G. Melton, 2012

WOW!  What a team you have put together for an outstanding experience for your clients!  The whole experience from our original contact to final delivery to the airport has been stellar and exemplary.  Your guide  is an outstanding man and consummate professional guide and exhibits such depth of care for your clients.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet and be associated with a man of his caliber for the week.  The lodge experience was wonderful, as all needs and wants anticipated and met.  What a fantastic experience; thank you for helping to make some of the hunting dreams of a kid come true. I look forward to our return and will do two hunting stints with time in between for regional visits.
F. McGwier, 2011

We very much enjoyed hunting and fishing with you guys, and thank you very much for hosting my father and I.  We had an incredible time hanging out with you and Oscar, not to mention the dove hunting and Dorado fishing.  I have already spoken to Jim about how nice of an operation you guys run, and how strongly I will be recommending you guys to our clients.  My father had an exception time with you guys and wanted to extend the invitation to Jackson anytime you are in the area. I will be in the Bozeman office early next week, and will be sending you out an email with some good photos.  I hope your trip down south went well, please say hello to Oscar for me, thanks for the pics, and my father says hello to both of you.  Talk to you soon.
J. Hudgens, 2011

The arrangements you made for us were just amazing. Oscar was amazing, Diego and Angles, were tremendous at Estancia, Don Joaquin, culturally, sporting wise, everything. Great!
M. Stepanian, 2011

We are still in Esquina.   We leave first thing in the morning.  It has been unreal.  Oscar is so gracious, patient and cool.  We have slaughtered the Dorado. Probably caught 200 today.  Every cast almost.   Really excellent even with our shity casting.  A. Stepanian, 2011

Jesus Christ!  Look at all the doves. It’s ridiculous !  H. Robertson, 07

This place looks just like parts of Africa.  K. Hall 09

The dove hunting was outstanding.  In 7 hours I shot 32 boxes of shells.  My shoulder and cheek were black and blue and I was sore as hell. Even though the birds never stopped coming, I couldn’t shoot anymore.  Incredible!
A. Robinson, 09

Just a few words to thank you for the kind attention we received at Estancia La Pelada. Our group had a wonderful time there and thoroughly enjoyed our great fishing for Dorado, Palometas and Surubi.  Oscar was a great host and we had a super time with him. Please pass on our warm greetings and affections to Augusto, Maria Jose, Marcelo and all the staff at La Pelada who made us feel equal or better than at home.  A hug to all and many thanks.  C. Barrantes, 09

I will definitely be in touch with you in the future.  Would still love to go after dorado.  I also appreciate that you delivered what you promised and that there were no hitches or unpleasant surprises.  R. Warren 08

Now that we’ve done the trip, it’s amazing what we got for the money. It was really a huge bargain.   M. Newman, 08

The trip was simply superb and we all enjoyed it to the full. It was extremely well organized and professionally run and we were very well looked after the whole time.    P. Davies, 08

I just wanted to thank you once again for being such a fun “camp director”! I know that isn’t your title but when we left for home, it was like leaving camp and all the friends you made. You did a fantastic job of pleasing everyone and I just wanted to reiterate my pleasure. If you are ever in California or Montana, please give us a call and we would love to host you.   P.S. Tell Okie “howdy” for me too!  He’s a great guy and a lot of fun!  D. Travis, 07

Just a note to thank you most sincerely for a wonderful trip. It will be a highlight of our lives. It was just magic to have everything done for us. The accommodation, the entertainment etc.etc.  Don has sent his picture to half of N. Zealand.  Went to the physio this morning and he has done his shoulder in and no more hunting till it settles. He is still making excuses and singing like the inevitable Jack in the Box.  Hope your next trip is going well. Take care.  We will always have fond memories. The invitation to visit us is sincere.  Kind regards and many thanks for your wonderful organization.   H and D Wallace, 07

I’d have to say that this was one of the best value trips ever.  I hope it can stay like this but I fear currencies will come and go.  Also, logistically, it went ultra smooth and we just had a great time.  I also appreciate not being nickel-and-dimed during the trip.  I was stunned not to get a bar tab or fly tab or whatever.  Wow.  What a deal!  Ernie Schmidt, 07  

Your web page came up fairly high on a search and it was nice to be able to talk by phone.  A personal contact is always more effective that just an email exchange. Justi was knowledgeable and focused on what was important to me.  Very responsive.  The guides were excellent and just what we needed. That seems to be reflective of the commitment to service that both Justi and Oscar have.  Keep it up, it is great.  G. Swaffar, 07

Just a note to thank you for my memorable trip to Argentina. I especially appreciated all the little extras you provided…..like the clothing buying excursion!!:)))….. to make our experience so great!!  Hope to see you again.  H. Carmichael, 07

Jill and I showed our pics to some friends (one who has picked up fly fishing in the last year) and are starting to talk about another trip where we can make it to the Patagonia part we missed.  Jill and I were depressed that we missed the second half,  We had a great time with great friends.  Jill said it was the best trip she ever had!  Looking forward to the next one.   My favorite aspect of the Argentina experience was the people.  Including Justi and Oscar.  By far they provided our group with the most personalized travel experience we have ever had.  Thanks for all the attention to detail!  You and Oscar do a first rate job and we won’t make a trip back without talking to you. Thanks all for the great time!  R. Wentworth, 07

Diane and I have decided this trip was the most organized program we have been involved with, and with three weeks to fill, that was a tall order.  We have to commend our fearless leader, Ernesto, who found maybe the best outfitters, [Wing Shooting Argentina] in Justi and Oscar (Okie).  These two guys love their craft and have fun doing it.  That made us very much at home with them and the people we met, in Argentina.  We felt we sampled much of Argentina in the three weeks traveling from one great adventure to another.  How unique. In between, we toured the great city of Buenos Aires and sampled her great culinary establishments and tango shows.   C and D Travis, 07

Many thanks for a wonderful experience.  You guys rock!!   R. Rotter, 07

This was the best trip I’ve ever been on, and I can tell you right now, I’m coming back and when I do I am going to buy one of Lady’s puppies. I love that dog.  P. Pergotis, 07

Thanks! In Esquina, Corrientes up north it was great fishing…I loved the Dorado strikes and fights. They have to be the hardest fighting fish in fresh water pound for pound and I am so glad I went and experienced it. The guides and everyone there was great so thanks for that as well.   B. Tuttle, 07

Was a great trip, everything was out standing. The staff, both at La Pelada and Wing Shooting Argentina, were just fabulous, Great people to work with. The birds were fun and we had a great time even though my brother out shot me.   S. Johnson, 06

I just want to say thanks for everything!  The trip truly was the trip of a lifetime.  Oscar would always say he has good news and he has bad news, well I’ve got good new and bad news.  The good news is the trip exceeded our expectations; the bad news is it was so good it would be impossible to ever repeat. Got our trip DVD last week.  Thanks a lot!  It was a great trip and it’s nice to have the DVD as a memory.  The trip was a real eye opening experience for my son, so much so that he changed his college major to Spanish and International Business.  He’s already planning on a semester abroad in Argentina!  G. Johnson, 06

I hope you enjoy the pictures, because I know I sure enjoyed my trip to Argentina and my duck hunting experience there.  I really am appreciative of the opportunity that you gave me and I will recommend [Wing Shooting Argentina] to anyone who plans on making a trip down south.  N. Huffeldt, 06

My experience in Patagonia with you and then fishing for Dorado in the north is incredible. I have traveled the world for years and this trip is truly world-class.   J. Wilson, 05

It really was a fantastic trip. I have guided canoe, kayak and hiking trips for an adventure travel company for 20 years and so was quite interested to see the level of service you offer. It was excellent. I really would give you some suggestions if there was anything that I could think of but it was all outstanding. I really enjoyed the guides, Oscar really inspired me with the improvement in my fishing from his coaching.    M. Scriver, 05

Their planning is meticulous and their enthusiasm is infectious.   J. Cramer, 04