Duck Hunting: Argentina Duck Hunting

Duck hunters! We have limited space left for the  May -Aug,  2019 season, but do have some peak dates available.
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Argentina duck hunting is the ultimate in water fowling. The only questions are where and with which Argentina duck hunting guides.  By choosing Wing Shooting Argentina, you get an outfitter with over a decade of experience duck hunting in Argentina in an area that resembles the Florida Everglades. We are located outside the town of Esquina, Corrientes where the Corriente River and the major Paraná Rivers converge and form a vast braided wetland referred to as the Parana River Delta. There are water channels, ponds, islands with forests and grasses and even floating patches of blooming Hyacinth.  It’s a 100% pristine, un-baited Argentina duck hunting habitat supporting literally millions of migratory and resident birds. This system is also home to rare species such as the Marsh Deer, the capybara, the Neotropical River Otter, the Pampas Cat, the jaguar, black caiman, and millions of exotic birds. Parana River Delta is a natural duck factory and impervious to drought.


Argentina high volume duck hunting

Our duck hunters will have access to 12,000 private acres of the Parana River Delta as well as private lagoons on our ranches and on neighboring ranches. These lagoons attract a great numbers of Whistling Ducks such as Siriri de la Pampa, or White-faced Whistling Ducks, which are the weariest of all ducks in Argentina.  Our lagoons can be as small as 4 acres and as large as 50 acres. Each one has the right number of blinds, perfectly positioned with the sun at your back.  When our duck hunters see the abundance of ducks, they feel as if they are sitting in a church for waterfowl, with service all day long.


Best Argentina duck huntOne or two hunters only will hunt from comfortable, hard floored blinds, shooting over decoys and sometimes passing shots.  We also equip the blinds with a stool for resting between shots. Driving time to the blinds averages 20-25 minutes and walking distance from boat or truck is no more than 50 yards and on hard ground.  On Wing Shooting Argentinas duck hunts, hunters will have the opportunity to limit out every day and most proficient shooter do by 9:00am.  Our guests will be busy all day, hunting ducks, perdiz, dove, pigeons or fishing for Golden Dorado. Esquina is a sportsmen’s paradise.


From May 1- August 31, our duck hunters will see hundred of ducks every morning and possibly bag 12 different species.

There are roughly 25 species of ducks that migrate through our area, however the most common are Rosy-Billed Pochard (Neta peposaca), Brazilian Teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis), Silver Teal (Anas flavirostris), Speckled Teal (Anas flavirostris), White-faced Whistling Duck, (Dendrocygna viduata), Black-Bellied Tree Duck, (Dendrocygna autumnalis), Fulvous Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna bicolor), White Cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis), Red Shoveler (Anas platalea), Black-headed Duck (Heteronetta atricapilla), and the Ringed Teal (Callonetta leucophrys.)