BIG GAME in Patagonia: Getting Here

Argentina Red Stag hunters will fly fromBuenos Aires to the Bariloche Airport (BRC) or the San Martin Airport (CPC).  Flying to Bariloche is usually cheaper and offers multiple daily flights fromBuenos Aires.  No matter which airport you fly into, we will be there to pick you up and drive you 1-3 hours to the lodge.

Domestic Flights
Domestic flights into Bariloche or San Martin can be booked by your local agent, our agent or online.  Reconfirm ALL flights 7 days and 24 hours before flying.  Although we monitor your flights, please contact us with any changes. Wing Shooting Argentina is not responsible for costs incurred due to flight delays, changes or cancellations, nor for lose of planned activities due to late arrivals.  All travelers should be covered with a general travel and health insurance policy before they fly.

Buenos AiresInternational Airport
Our guests fly into Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina via a direct overnight flight.  Most domestic flights originate from the Jorge Newberry Domestic Airport (AEP) located 45 minutes from the international airport.  Although not necessary, you may request a private transfer with our bilingual representative between these two airports or to your downtown hotel.  We recommend using our representative if you have a tight connection, are bringing in guns or if you have never been to Argentina.

Buenos Aires Private Airport Transfers
If you’d like to set up a private airport transfer inBuenos Aires with our representatives, their 2012-2013 rates are about $70 per person each way, with a lesser charge with large groups.  Our representatives are independent of Wing Shooting Argentina and must be paid directly.  The airport transfers can also be made by hiring a remise (private taxi) in the airport lobby.  Although not as personal, getting a remise is cheaper.

Allow 4 hours between international arrivals and domestic departures.

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires
If you have the interest and time, we highly recommend a wine tasting in Buenos Aires with Anuva Wines. You’ll be treated with delicious appetizers and taste small production wines from boutique Argentine wineries.

Every year, at least one person or group loses their full deposit because they are forced to cancel a trip do to an illness or death in the family.  Don’t let that be your group.  Therefore, we highly recommend travel and cancelation insurance for all groups.  Please inquire about our specialized travel insurance policies.  Be aware that although Argentina and Chile are safe countries and your hosts take every precaution necessary to ensure your well being, unexpected events may happen.  Many people use travel insurance to cover trip cancelation and other travel upsets such as flight changes, lost luggage and medical emergencies occurring before or during your trip.  You can be further prepared by buying complete travel insurance that includes medical evacuations.

Trip Extensions
Once in Argentina, many guests extend their trip to fish or hunt with us in other parts of Argentina.  Ask us about our trout fishing trips in Patagonia or our wine tours in Mendoza. 

Photography and Referencing
During your visit, we may photograph or video your group and/or quote your comments which could later be used in our promotional materials.  Please notify us if you do not wish to be photographed, videoed or quoted.

Health and Safety
No inoculations are required to enterArgentina.  First class medical care is available in Buenos Aires.  There is a mediocre hospital in the town of Bariloche.  If you have a health condition, please make sure to bring ALL the medication you need.  Using our questionnaire, please notify us of any health conditions or concerns we should be aware.  All travelers should purchase a general health and travel insurance policy 15 days after their first deposit.   All lodges serve drinkable well water and bottled water.  Travelers who fall ill usually contract something during a flight.  You can further protect yourself by washing your hands before meals, not indulging in food and drink for the first 2 days, drink water when not thirsty and get plenty of sleep.

When visiting Buenos Aires, use your street smarts as you would in any large city.

Travel Documents
All visitors need a current passport and travelers from the United Statesand must pay a $141 entry fee at the Buenos Aires International Airport.  A similar fee may apply to other nationalities.  This is similar to a visa and is good for 10 years. 

Communication and Phone Calls
Our lodge has internet access and spotty cell reception.

Electric current
The current is 220v and the sockets are for two round prongs.  Have converters for your appliances.

The Argentine money is the peso. Personal purchases can be made with cash pesos, dollars or credit cards.  Currency exchange houses and banks will exchange your dollars.  Some merchants offer discounts for cash.  Personal or travelers checks should not be used.  Also ATMs are sometimes out of cash, so we recommend carrying a back up stash of $350.

The food served will be of the finest quality and prepared by professional chefs. Lunch and dinner will be served with wines from Mendoza and Patagonia.

All guides are Argentine, licensed, and insured professionals.  Most are bilingual.

Slacks and collared shirt are appropriate in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.  Feel free to dress as you please at the lodge.

Customary tips are; Big game guides: $60 per day with one or two hunters, fishing/bird hunting guides: $40 per day with one or two hunters, bird boys: $10-$15 per day, lodge staff: $5 per room per day.  At Wing shooting Argentina we believe tips are voluntary and depend on your satisfaction.

Time Zone
Argentina Time Standard Time is 3 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-3).  Their Daylight Savings Time is Dec 30 – Mar 16, during which the time is 2 hours behind GMT.