Argentina Hunting Lodges: Delta Vista Lodge

Delta Vista Lodge is a refined sporting lodge ideally suited for Argentina Dove and Dorado trips. Experience the best Golden Dorado fly fishing in Argentina and classic high volume dove shooting.  The lodge sits on the banks of the Corriente River and offers immediate access to the prime Golden Dorado fishing waters of the Parana River Delta and Corriente and Parana Rivers as well as short drives to crop fields with millions of dove.

Enjoy it all while indulging in comfort, fine cuisine and renowned Argentine hospitality and service.

At Wing Shooting Argentina, we are experienced, flexible Argentina outfitters and let you choose the number of days fishing or shooting you want.

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Don Joaquin River Lodge7Delta Vista Lodge is a sophisticated country property built in 2015 a few miles from the rather primitive small town of Esquina, Corrientes. It holds up to 10 guests in beautifully appointed double and single rooms with king beds and full en suite baths.  The lodge offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is tastefully decorated with antiques and reclaimed materials.  The dining and living spaces are joined in one large room with panoramic views of the river and marshlands. Non-hunters can enjoy professionally guided horseback rides in the prairies, marshlands and forests, complete with a gaucho prepared asado in the field.


Don Joaquin River Lodge1Meals are a celebration at Delta Vista, where guests will try a variety of barbecued meats, Europeans style salads, grilled vegetables, cheese plates, and unforgettable homemade pastas, breads and desserts.   Choose from the wine list or enjoy one of our private label WSA wines from Mendoza.




Dove Shooting at Delta Vista Lodge

Don Joaquin River Lodge2Throughout the year, we offer high volume Argentina dove hunting and decoyed pigeon shooting.  There are literally millions of dove in Esquina, Argentina and hunters can shoot over 1000 shells in a single day.  Some call it hunting but we see it as pure dove shooting and doing the farmers a favor.  Farmers welcome our guests to hunt these “pests” in their fields in a futile attempt to put a dent in the dove population.

Argentina dove hunting is usually a full day affair.  Shooters enjoy a resting chair, refreshments and have their birds collected.   A favorite lunch is a delicious Argentine asado or barbecue out in the field.  Our drive times to the fields  average 30 minutes.

Dorado Fishing at Delta Vista Lodge

Don Joaquin River Lodge8Golden Dorado fly fishing is the pinnacle of warm, fresh water angling. Their fierce strikes, brute strength and acrobatics leave even experienced anglers in awe.  From Esquina, Corrientes, you can enjoy the best Argentina Dorado fishing available on the Parana River Delta and Corriente and Parana Rivers.  These waters offer thousands of square miles of prolific Dorado fishing with each system being separate and having their own conditions and distinct characteristics. Having three individual systems is a unique advantage for our guests as it triples their odds of success. Our local Argentina fishing guides are on the water practically year round and take you where the conditions and fishing are best.

Anglers will cast into narrow channels and at bank structure from comfortable 17 ft. outboard skiffs, equipped with trolling motors and casting platforms.  Our Dorado average 8 pounds and reach beyond 20. On a good day during the Oct-Apr peak season, an angler might get 50 strikes and after a week, a few fish in the 15 pound range should be landed.  Our Golden Dorado fly fishing requires 8 wt. rods, 30lb wire leaders and 5 inch flies tied on 3/0 saltwater hooks.  Other exciting game fish include, Palometa, Pirana, Pira Pita or River Salmon, Chafalote or Dogfish, Boga, Tararias and even two kinds of Surubi catfish.  Quality spinning, casting and fly rods plus lures and flies are available.