Argentina Hunting Lodges: La Pelada

Estancia La Pelada is a Argentina duck hunting lodge located on the Corriente River, 35 kilometers north of the small town of Esquina, Corrientes.  This 12,500 acres family ranch is ideally suited for hunters, anglers, equestrians and wildlife enthusiasts.

Although this Spanish Colonial style estancia has an ancient feel it is only about 45 years old.  Its design represents classic Spanish architecture with stucco walls, high ceilings, courtyards, rounded windows, archways, and pillars.  There’s nothing too fancy or overdone, however, from the moment guests pull up to the house, they feel privileged to be in such an intimate and unique place.

The estancia holds 10 guests in European style rooms with private baths.  Meals are either served in the elegant dinning room or on the veranda overlooking the gardens.  The veranda is also where drinks and appetizers will be waiting every evening upon the guests return.  In the warmer months, a swim in the riverside pool with a cold beverage is the perfect way to wind down after a long day in the field.  Meals are cooked in the traditional Argentine fashion including delicious specialty meats and fruits from the region which are complimented by fine wines from the province of Mendoza.

Hunting at Estancia La Pelada
Estancia La Pelada offers some of the best duck hunting in Argentina.   There are multiple lagoons scattered on its 25,000 acres.  These natural ponds serve as watering holes for livestock and habitat for resident and migrating ducks, including a large number of whistling ducks.  The closest lagoon is about 10 minutes from the lodge via truck and the farthest lagoon is about 25 minutes.

From La Pelada Lodge we also hunt various farms that are plagued by Argentina doves and pigeons which is a great hunt before or after a session of duck hunting.  The ranch also supports a great number of Perdiz.  We can start walking right from the lodge and our dogs begin flushing Perdiz in a matter of minutes. From the ranch we can quickly access other ranches that are inhabited by water buffalo, Brocket Deer, and wild boar.  Perdiz hunting can be a full or half day activity.


Fishing at Estancia La Pelada
The Corriente River runs along the ranch’s property only 100 yards from the lodge depending on water levels.  For our hunters interested in catching Dorado, the fishing on the Corriente can be fantastic and is done by wading white sandy beaches and slowly floating in our 21 ft boats while casting to structure on the banks.  The river averages 100 yards in width with slow and steady current.  Mouths of small channels and the top of runs always hold fish.  We fish the Corriente both upstream and down stream of the lodge, usually returning for lunch and siesta.


Non-hunting activities
At Estancia La Pelada, non-hunting guests can enjoy an array of other activities such as fishing, bird watching, horseback riding and hiking.  Nature lovers can explore the Corriente River and Parana River Delta via motor boat to observe wildlife such as capybara, water buffalo, black caiman, storks and thousands of exotic birds.  Bird watchers can make a quick trip out to the ranch lagoons and discover new species every day.
La Pelada is also the perfect place to learn how to play polo.  The owner, Augusto is a skilled player and patient teacher.  He has top bread polo ponies and high quality tack.  A favorite activity at La Pelada is to go for a long horseback or buggy ride to the lagoons to watch wildlife, then enjoy an asado under a shady grove in the middle of the wide open ranch.  Afterwards, guests can relax by the pool.

Additional non-hunting options are lunch and a tour in the historic town of Esquina.  A gaucho show is a very popular activity where the ranch cowboys show off their traditional games and competitions.  Spa services are also easily accessible via a 45 minute drive to the town of La Paz.