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- Part 3

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    “This was the best trip I’ve ever been on, and I can tell you right now, I’m coming back and when I do I am going to buy one of Lady’s puppies. I love that dog.” – P Pergotis, 07

  • Testimonial 4 >

    “The dove hunting was outstanding. In 7 hours I shot 32 boxes of shells. My shoulder and cheek were black and blue and I was sore as hell. Even though the birds never stopped coming, I couldn’t shoot anymore. Incredible!” – Andy R., VA 4/09

  • Testimonial 3 >

    “Was a great trip, everything was outstanding. The staff, both at La Pelada and Wing Shooting Argentina, were just fabulous, Great people to work with. The birds were fun and we had a great time even though my brother out shot me.” – S. Johnson, 06

  • Testimonial 2 >

    “This place looks just like parts of Africa.” – K. Hall 09

  • Testimonial 1 >

    “Jesus Christ! Look at all the doves. It’s ridiculous.” – H. Robertson, 07