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Dove Hunting & Dorado Fishing, Cast n’ Blast!
Tue April 7, 2015

Dove Hunting & Dorado Fishing, Cast n’ Blast!I told Oscar I would be sure and write you about our dove hunt.  It was terrific!! … more

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WSA Guest Testimonial from 2014
Fri January 23, 2015

WSA Guest Testimonial from 2014Justi and his staff provided me with a wonderful hunt and first class service. The … more

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Another Happy Hunter
Thu August 7, 2014

Testimonial by Peter Sportelli, June 2014 Hi Justi, I am very sorry that it has … more

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“Jill and I showed our pics to some friends (one who has picked up fly fishing in the last year) and are starting to talk about another trip where we can make it to the Patagonia part we missed.  Jill and I were depressed that we missed the second half,  We had a great time with great friends.  Jill said it was the best trip she ever had!  Looking forward to the next one.

My favorite aspect of the Argentina experience was the people.  Including Justi and Oscar. By far they provided our group with the most personalized travel experience we have ever had.  Thanks for all the attention to detail!

You and Oscar do a first rate job and we won’t make a trip back without talking to you. Thanks all for the great time!”
- R. Wentworth, 07

Exclusive adventures for international sportsmen

Experience the finest Argentina dove hunting and Argentina duck hunting. Wing Shooting Argentina outfitters offers premium mixed bag hunting for duck, dove, pigeon and Perdiz on immense private ranches.  Join us for unbelievable Argentina duck hunting and Argentina dove hunting at our hunting lodges in Corrientes.
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Duck Hunting

Wing Shooting Argentina’s duck hunting is some of the best duck hunting in Argentina. With liberal limits, short drive times & exclusive areas, our Argentina duck hunts are topnotch.  WSA has Argentina duck hunting guides who pack each day with afternoon Perdiz, & dove hunting or Dorado fishing.

Dove Hunting

Argentina dove hunting with Wing Shooting Argentina is barrel burning!  Eat your heart out Cordoba, Argentina dove hunting in Corrientes comes with more than just a 3 day Argentina dove hunt.  Why do Argentina dove hunting only when you can get Argentina dove and duck hunting & more out of one lodge?

Perdiz Hunting

Argentina Perdiz hunting is similar to quail or chucker hunting, but on soft grassy plains void of snakes. We have top trained Argentina hunting dogs and hunt Perdiz on our ranches and multiple other private properties.  Come hunt Corrientes, the province with the highest population of Perdiz in Argentina.

Dorado Fishing

Golden Dorado fishing in Esquina is unparalleled.  Our protected fishing waters offer more variety & natural beauty than any Argentina Dorado fishing destination.  Plus, our population & average size of Golden Dorado increase every year.  Join us for the best Golden Dorado fishing in Argentina.

Big Game Hunting

Wing Shooting Argentina offer big game hunting in Argentina.  In Corrientes we have trophy Water Buffalo hunting on private lands & in Patagonia we offer incredible high scoring Argentina Red Stag hunting.  Our Argentina hunting lodges and guides are first-rate.